Tomato sauce

Spicy Vegeterian

Warmth the oil in a container and include the vegetables and inlet leaf. Blend in the sugar with some salt. Delicately cook for 10-15 mins until the veg is delicate. Blend in the tomatoes and 150ml water. Stew in all respects tenderly for 30 mins until the sauce has diminished by 66% and is thick. (On the off chance that you have multiplied or significantly increased the amounts, this may take up to 1 hr.)

Mix sometimes, especially towards the finish of the cooking time, with the goal that the sauce doesn’t get on the base. On the off chance that you like your sauce somewhat more slender, include a sprinkle of water. Serve half with pasta and chill or stop other half in 1-2 clumps for later use (see ‘Goes well with’ for thoughts of how to go through your sauce).

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