Smoked salmon & avocado sushi

Juicy Vegeterian

Put the rice in a little dish with 600ml water. Bring to the bubble and cook for 10 mins until the water is consumed and the rice is delicate. Blend through the vinegar and sugar, spread and cool.

Skin, stone and cut the avocado. Put in a bowl and press over the lemon juice, turning the avocado to guarantee the pieces are secured.

Partition the rice between the nori sheets and spread it out equally, leaving a 1cm outskirt at the top and base. Lay the salmon over the rice, trailed by the chives lastly position the avocado over the middle.

Overlap the base edge of the kelp over the filling, at that point move it up solidly. Hose the top outskirt with a little water to enable it to seal the roll. Rehash to make 4 rolls. At this stage, the rolls can be wrapped exclusively in stick film and chilled until prepared to serve.

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